Every relationship has its ups and downs. At the start; you fall in love with the man you admire. You anticipate his calls, crave his touch, and enjoy the way he moves, talks, and smiles. Falling in love was not that hard. Actually, it was a spontaneous and natural experience. You did not have to DO any action. That is why it is called “falling” in love.

A Woman in love many times says, “I was swept off my feet.” Just take a moment and picture the expression. It simply means, that you were just standing there not doing anything, and then a specific thing happened TO YOU.

Falling in love is a spontaneous and passive experience. You only have to flow with what life presents to you. However, after a few months or years things begin to change, and the spark of love fades. It is a natural cycle that every relationship goes through.

At first, in a slow but sure cadence, the phone calls begin to become a bother, if they continue to come at all. Touch isn’t welcome, when it happens. You begin to criticize your partner’s way of talking and behaving. The symptoms that mark this stage vary from one relationship to another.

It won’t be long, before you start to notice a dramatic change between the initial stage of the relationship, and the anxious subsequent stage after a few months or years of being in love.

At this stage, you are more likely to start asking yourself, “Am I with the right partner?” And as you bring memories of the love, you once had with your man; you probably begin to think of starting a new relationship with another person. This is where the breakup usually takes place.

The truth is that the success in a relationship does not lie in finding the right person, but in learning how to love the person you found.

Oftentimes, the woman blames her partner for her unhappiness and looks outside the relationship for fulfillment. This external fulfillment comes in many different ways, and infidelity is the most common of them.

Many other women, to compensate for the lack of intimacy in the relationship, turn to a hobby, work or friendship. The key point here is that the answer to this problem doesn’t lie outside the relationship. In fact, it is inside the relationship.

This does not mean that you could not look for love with someone else. Sure, you could. But this will be TEMPORARILY, and soon you will find yourself in the same situation a few months or years later.

You see, running from a problem does not solve it; on the contrary, it may make it worse. And once again, you will find that succeeding in a relationship does not mean to find the right person, but it means to learn how to love the person in your life.

Nurturing love is not a spontaneous and passive experience. You have to sustain love, and work on building a strong connection with your partner. Sure it takes energy, effort and time, but it is well worth the effort.

Most importantly, nurturing a relationship demands wisdom. You need to know WHAT TO DO, to keep it alive. Happy relationship isn’t a mystery. There are specific techniques you need to follow, to keep your partner interested in you.

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