Angelina didn’t sleep that night. She lay in her bed staring aimlessly at the ceiling as silent as the cold night itself. She tried to figure out why he left. Where did she go wrong in the relationship? Was it her fault? And many other questions were tormenting into her mind. She tried to run away from these thoughts by listening to the sound of the light rain outside, but to no avail.

The memories kept popping into her mind. The memories of him holding her hand and walking along the beach. The memories of him giving her his jacket when it was cold. She remembered all the moments he made her smile. The memories kept flooding in against her will. At that moment a tear dropped out of her eyes, and wetted her pillow. If she had known that falling in love would have been that painful, she would not even dare to love him.


Angelina’s boyfriend asked her to remain friends, but she knows deep inside that such decision won’t do her any good. And she was right. Usually, when a relationship ends, the dumper proposes to just being friends. That’s the worse decision you can make following a breakup.

The reason why such idea is not healthy at all is that it will make your ex take you for granted. Unfortunately, it only indicates to him, that you are dependent on him. He will think that you are unable to live on your own. Moreover, staying in touch with your ex will make it impossible for you to break free from the old memories.

Here are the three reasons why staying friends with your ex is not a good choice.

1- Hope is Dope:

When you stay in touch with your ex-boyfriend after a split, you are in fact falling prey to a false hope. You are holding yourself back from moving forward. It is nearly impossible for emotions to shift from being in love to just be friends in a blink of an eye. Your mind may trick you to believe this, but your heart will always remind you of the pain you carry inside.


2- To avoid The Doubtful Situation:

When the relationship hits the gray area, and one of the two partners is in love more than the other, the partner with the greatest need will likely suffer the most. If your ex doesn’t want to commit to you, and at the same time wants to keep you by his side, then this is the recipe for emotional sufferance. In such a situation, when you suffer from your ex’s lack of attention, you cannot blame him, because after all it is you who chose this malaise de vivre.

3- It boosts your self-worth:

If you fear the loneliness and the fact to temporary face your pain that you would rather stay close to your ex, this makes you come across as a needy and desperate person. That way you are hurting your self-worth, instead of being a weak person in the eyes of your ex, you can learn the right techniques to get his attention once again, and without coming across as a needy person.

It is regarded as a strong character to know how to handle the painful emotion simply by being a laid-back woman, who is not easily worried, upset or anxious. When you come across as a highly self-confident woman, you will be more attractive to him.


When you show him – without overdoing it, of course- that you are doing well on your own after the breakup, you will surprise him. What you don’t know is that your ex, right after the breakup, was expecting you to beg him to take you back. But, guess what? you have won over him. He was taken aback, and you had occupied his mind once again. That’s the first step to win his undivided attention again. For additional helpful steps watch this FREE video and discover what to say and do the moment he contacts you.