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"How to Get Your Man Back -- and Keep Him Devoted to You For Good"
by Bob Grant, L.P.C. - "The Relationship Doctor"

Has this ever happened to you, or to another woman you know??  ↓ 

You meet a great guy.  You start dating and your relationship goes well over the first few weeks or months.  You're convinced he's definitely into you -- maybe even in love with you.  Suddenly, just when you start thinking he's Mr. Right, he loses interest in you and begins to pull away.

You panic -- and you start asking yourself, "What happened?"

Then comes the inevitable question ...

"Where did I go wrong?"

You spend all your time replaying in your mind over and over what happened during your last conversation or encounter with him, looking for clues as to what might have led to your breakup.  What should you have done or said -- and what should you not have done or said?  You say to yourself, "If only I could understand why he left me, I could fix it."

Then, when you can't find anything you did wrong, you begin to wonder, 'What's wrong with him?'
Maybe he's got a drug problem, maybe he met someone else, maybe he's got intimacy issues, maybe he's gay, and so on ... ad nauseum.

Sound familiar?

Then, you do what most women do ... consult with your friends (or your sister, cousin or Mom) and together, you speculate for hours why he suddenly seems indifferent and distant.  You devise all kinds of ploys to put yourself in his path or to get him to call you -- but nothing works

Then, you're faced with the agonizing decision ... do you go on hopelessly wishing he'll come back to you, while feeling hurt and broken-hearted  -- or just forget about him and chalk him up as "the man who got away?"

If you're experiencing the above scenario...
     .....or you know someone who is going through it
          ..... or you just want to prevent it from happening to you
-- this may be the most important article you'll ever read! 

When a man leaves a relationship, and the woman wonders where she went wrong, and tries desperately to get him back, that's actually a common pattern I've seen all too often in man-woman relationships.  It certainly causes a lot of distress in women -- but the good news is that there's an easy solution to this problem! 

In the next 5 minutes, as you read this article in its entirety, you'll discover ...

  • the reasons why a man suddenly loses interest in having a relationship with you, even if he was previously very much into you
  • how your natural tendencies as a woman often contribute to the breakup -- and what you can do to avoid sabotaging your reconciliation efforts;
  • the No.1 mistake women make when trying to get their man back; and 
  • my step-by-step game plan -- including techniques that have been used for centuries to rekindle relationships.  This irresistible game plan is virtually guaranteed to soften your ex-boyfriend's (or ex-husband's) heart and create a deeper bond between the two of you that paves the way to re-establishing your relationship. 

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A Word For Word Script - 9 Powerful Words

I'll even reveal to you my word-for-word script -- 9 incredibly powerful words you can say to your man that will make him realize he simply couldn't bear to lose you! 
I urge you to adopt my game plan as soon as possible.  Don't wait until your man has moved on in his life without you and shut you out of his heart forever.  You must strike while the iron's hot.  When you follow my game plan exactly as prescribed, it is highly likely that he'll come running back to you.

A Man's Change of  Heart

A client (whom I will call Charlene to protect her privacy) came to consult with me last year.  She had been dating a man named Martin for 6 months.  Charlene was 43 and had 4 children.  The relationship was going beautifully for a few months when, out of the blue, Martin told her that he wasn't ready to get married -- so he stopped seeing her.

She felt devastated, and when she came to my office for counseling, she  broke into tears often as she told me her story.  I showed her my proven game plan for getting Martin back -- and she began to implement it.  At first, nothing happened and she thought the plan wasn't working -- but she stuck to the plan anyway.  Seven months later, Martin proposed to her -- and 3 months thereafter, they were married.

If you were to ask Martin what caused his change of heart, he would never  be able to tell.  But Charlene and I know that "the plan" had everything to do with it!

Why They Call Me the "Relationship Doctor"

My name is Bob Grant.  I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach with over 20 years of successful practice.  I'm also the author of the popular book, The Woman Men Adore ... And Never Want to Leave (2005).

People call me "The Relationship Doctor" because I have the prescription for finding love, keeping passion alive, and reigniting relationships that have lost their spark.  

The majority of my clients are women -- and one of the top relationship problems they've brought to my attention is thisThe man in their life has lost interest in them and they want to know how to get him back.

Luckily, I have an effective remedy based not only on real-life feedback from hundreds of my real-life female clients, but also from time-tested strategies and techniques I've developed over the years which, when properly implemented, are most difficult for a man to resist!

But before I reveal the "remedy" -- or the absolute best game plan to bring back your man -- I'm going to ask you to take part in the fun and eye-opening 7-second pop quiz below.

If a man with whom you've recently had a good relationship suddenly loses interest in you -- and you sense that he's beginning to pull away from you -- which of the following frequently used strategies do you think is the best thing you can do to get him back?  Check one.

A.  Write him a letter (expressing your heartfelt emotions, reminding him of all the good times you've had together, what you think went wrong in your relationship, ways to make your relationship better, etc.)

B.  Call him on the phone, tell him how you feel -- and get him to open up and talk about his feelings

C.  Give him gifts and shower him with sweetness and love -- so he'll realize what he's missing by not having you in his life

  D.  Call him and say, "No one will ever love you as much as I do."

Have you placed a check mark next to your answer?  If so, which of the above strategies did you check -- A, B, C or D?

If you checked any one of them, then I'm afraid that your answer  ...

... is wrong.

The correct answer is none of them!

That's right -- none of the above strategies work, at least not permanently.

The No. 1 Mistake Women Make When Trying to Get Their Man Back

In over 20 years that I've been a therapist and relationship coach, I've found that most women do not have a clue as to how to effectively win back a man who has lost interest in them.  They almost always go about it the wrong way!

By far, the most common mistake a woman makes when trying to get a man back is this:

  She uses strategies that work on women but not on men.

Let me explain.

Men respond to things differently than women -- and they're not hardwired to understand feelings the way women are.  That's why talking about your feelings -- and getting him to talk about his feelings -- rarely works.

Writing him a letter is also a waste of time because words do not have the same effect on a man that they have on a woman -- no matter how wonderful your words are and how beautiful the sentiments behind those words. 

Most women think that words are going to tug at a man's heart strings, and make him fall to his knees begging for the woman to take him back.  Ladies, let me be bluntThey don't. 

Words are for women.  While it might make you feel good that you've written the most inspiring letter in the world, your letter won't have much of an impact on a man.  Period. 

Giving him gifts and showering him with sweetness and love seldom work either because men don't flow as well in the emotional realm as women do.  You simply cannot flood a man's heart with emotions to win him back the way you can a woman's. 

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The Guy Didn't Know What Hit Him!

Heather started dating a guy named Greg, who she didn't know was dating 2 other women besides her.  One day, Greg told her up front about the other women -- and Heather was shocked and dismayed because she had been dating him exclusively and had thought the exclusivity was mutual. 

Not knowing what else to do, she gave him an ultimatum, "You have to choose -- it's either them or me" -- to which he replied that he wasn't ready to date her exclusively.  He then stopped seeing her altogether.  This is an example of not knowing how or when to give an ultimatum -- that's why it backfired on her.

I showed Heather the game plan and she immediately set it in motion.  For 4 weeks, nothing happened.  Greg didn't even call her -- and that made her think he probably just wanted to play the field, and didn't want to be tied down to one woman. 

On the 5th week, he called and said, "I've been thinking about you."  He said he wanted to know how she was doing, and just wanted to talk -- without particularly wanting to get back with her.  Little did Greg know that the game plan had prepared Heather for this very call -- she knew EXACTLY what to say to Greg and how to say it.  Within a month of working the magic of "the plan," they went on a date.  Soon thereafter, Greg stopped seeing the other 2 women -- and decided to have a relationship with Heather exclusively.  Heather had captured his heart -- and he didn't know what hit him!

Why Do Most Strategies for Getting a Man Back Fail Miserably?

Because they fail to identify or address the root cause of why your man left you or lost interest in the first place.  So even if you do manage to get your man back using one of the common ploys, it will be temporary at best because the cause of your breakup would remain unresolved.   

What complicates the problem is that men are not usually willing to open up about their feelings long enough for you to figure out what it was that caused them to leave.  And oftentimes they may not even be aware of the underlying reason why they habitually try to escape from relationships that are going well.

When women make "educated guesses" as to what caused their man to break up with them, more often than not, they guess wrong -- and so they waste all their time trying to fix the wrong thing -- and never get anywhere.

So what's a woman to do?

I'll get to that in a moment.  But first, here's what you should not do. 

WARNING:  Beware of Untrained Relationship Coaches and
Relationship Resources that Dispense Advice of Dubious Value

There are several books -- not to mention dozens of articles in women's magazines -- about how to get your man back or how to rekindle an old romance.  There are even more self-proclaimed "relationship coaches" who claim they can help you with your relationship problems.  Whatever you do, don't fall for the following:

Relationship Books that are not Gender-Specific -- Books that give generic advice for both men and women seeking to rekindle relationships with their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend are seldom effective because, as I've pointed out above, what works on women does not work on men -- and vice versa.  Most available resources tend to be tilted in favor of helping men get their woman back. 

Books, Magazine Articles or Relationship Advice Based on Trickery and Artifice -- Far too many books, magazine articles and relationship advisors show you how to "trick" a man into submission by using all sorts of artifice -- and of course, the old stand-by, sex.  In my opinion, these do more harm than good.  Trickery could work in the short-term, and it may help you get your man back temporarily, but it won't enable you to sustain the relationship -- you're likely to lose your man again down the line because the device used to get him back was based on shallow motivations instead of a deep understanding of men

Advice Given by Untrained or Inexperienced Relationship Coaches -- There's been a recent proliferation of "relationship coaches" who, after having completed a mere 12 to 48 hours of life coach training, masquerade as relationship experts.  When you take advice from such untrained people who resort to guesswork instead of extensive real-life experience, you run the risk of making critical mistakes that could jeopardize your chances of ever getting your man back. 

So now that you know what not to do, what should you do?

My private relationship counseling practice has enabled me to develop powerful strategies for helping couples rekindle relationships -- including a step-by-step game plan to help women get their man back.  I truly want to share this game plan with more than just the clients who are able to travel to my office in Georgia to sit down with me face-to-face.  I also want to help those who can't afford my counseling services ($125/hour).

So I devised a way that will enable you to gain immediate access to my game plan, and let you benefit from my experience without you having to shell out hundreds of dollars in hourly fees -- and without leaving the comfort of your own home or office.

For the first time, I've spilled my secrets in the pages of my second E-book, titled How Can I Get Him Back

Unlike other relationship resources that teach you the obvious ploys for rekindling a man's interest temporarily (through the promise of sex or other enticements), my E-book shows you how to understand your man deeply so that you can sustain your relationship after he does come back to you. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the nuggets contained in the E-book:

How to tap into a man's pain, which holds the secret to reaching his heart (see page 13)

The 9 words you can say to your man that will make him realize he simply can't bear to lose you -- this last-ditch tactic is based on one of the most powerful psychological motivators in the world! (see page 68)

When do your acts of kindness, empathy, generosity, graciousness and taking pain away come across to a man as being controlling -- instead of being perceived as praiseworthy intentions? (see pages 10-11)

How to get what you really want in a man -- a simple exercise that takes all the guesswork out of determining if the man you want back is good for you -- or worth all the trouble to get him back (see pages 45-50)

How to use your feminine attributes to make yourself a "safe" person in whom he can confide his fears and inner pain so that you can finally discover the real reason he  escapes from relationships -- and ultimately, make him want to get back with you; (see page 86)

Why a man's imagination is the best thing you have going for you -- and how to use it to make him crave to be with you again. (see pages 60-61)

How to identify signals in a man's voice that tell you his guard is down, he's willing to let you get closer to him, and it's the best time to talk about the previous issues in your relationship (see page 64)

What if he doesn't call you?  How to initiate contact with a man in a demure and classy way -- without appearing too forward or desperate, or running the risk of being regarded a stalker(see page 66-69)

How to affect a man on an emotional level to maximize the chances of rekindling your relationship with him (see page 66)

What you must do in order to get the attention of your ex -- and how to determine what will cause him to want to be with you again(see page 44)

How to show a man you care about him without coming across as being too needy, or emotionally "high-maintenance" -- which could backfire on you and cause your man to back off.  Also, how to tell when a man has reached the threshold of giving, and is overwhelmed by your needs that he feels the need to escape. (see page 31)

How to know if your man has unresolved issues which persist even when you're doing everything right in a relationship -- and how to know if those issues can be resolved, of if you need to give him up as a lost cause (see pages 35-36)

WARNING:  Your acts of kindness and generosity may be giving him the impression that you're a woman with low self-esteem, or one who's trying too hard to please him.  How to know when you're giving too much  (see page 30)

The top 3 reasons why a man chooses to end his relationship with a woman -- the sooner you understand these reasons, the sooner you can get him back, and prevent the same mistakes from happening again (see page 41)

How to influence and shape your man's opinion of you -- and get him to see you as being more beautiful and more valuable, not someone who can be taken for granted  (see page 74-76)

The Art of Perfect Timing -- How to create the perfect environment and  time to give your man relationship-enhancing advice or insights at the precise moment he is ready to hear it -- so as not to drive him further away (see pages 21-22)

Why insisting on a commitment from a man is one of the best things you can do for him -- whether he thinks it's a good idea or not  (see page 28)

How to differentiate between the insight problems and motivation problems involved in your breakup, and how to deal with each type correctly (see pages 20-22)
How to avoid putting your man on the defensive with your well-meaning opinions (see page 20)

How to understand what's really going on inside a man's heart in order to make him warm up to the idea of reconciling with you -- this is something he might not even be aware of, or he�s trying to avoid. (see page 6)

What causes women to have "blind spots" -- and make them clueless as to what men want and what drives men away. (see page 10)

How to avoid continually implementing strategies just because they're familiar to you -- in favor of implementing the most effective plan for getting him back (see pages 11-12)

How to avoid the knee-jerk actions that your fears compel you to do -- even though those actions may make perfect sense -- because they're usually the least effective ways of getting your man back.  (see page 13)

How to know how much you should be giving to your man -- too little and he won't know how much you care about him; too much and he is going to feel like you are competing with him  (see page 14)

How to get your man back by tapping into the very thing that caused him to date you in the first place. (see pages 14-15)

...and much more!

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What is It Worth to Get Your Man Back?

I've always found it quite amazing to observe how dramatically a woman's life changes when she has the enduring devotion of the man she wants. 

In this regard, I'd like to ask you this:

How would the quality of your life change when you get your man back?  How overjoyed would you be when you realize you have the power to keep your man devoted to you forever?

What price can you put on not wasting any more time trying ineffective ways to get your man back -- but instead having a step-by-step game plan to effortlessly magnetize him back into your life -- even if there are other women vying for his attention?

What is the value of never feeling helpless, hurt or broken-hearted if your man suddenly loses interest -- but instead having the know-how to reignite the spark in his heart, create a deeper bond with him and re-establish a stronger and enduring relationship?

How delighted would you feel when you realize that you never have to let a man slip through your fingers again -- or watch him walk out of your life without being able to do anything about it?

Clearly, most women regard the ability to win back a man's heart as a priceless skill -- one that's worth a small fortune in life-changing benefits not only for themselves but also the female friends and relatives they could potentially help once they've learned the game plan. 

What is it worth to you?

$3,000?  $2,000?  $1,000?

Your investment in this must-have E-book is just a small fraction of the $125 that I charge for a 45-minute counseling session, in which I could cover only a tiny part of what my E-book contains!

You would have to E-book several counseling sessions with me and pay hundreds of dollars in hourly fees to get all the eye-opening content you'll find in
How Can I Get Him Back

What's more, when you consider that my step-by-step game plan for getting your man back is not available elsewhere -- isn't it clear that you need to own this indispensable E-book now?

This Book is Worth Its Weight in Gold!

"Wow, Bob Grant's book, How Can I Get Him Back, really opened my eyes to the truth about men.  I used to think that all men generally have a love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude when it comes to dating women -- and that there was nothing I could do to make a man faithful to me.  This book revealed an important concept about how to make a man regard me as someone of great value -- someone who's worth devoting his singular attention to.  I'm forever grateful for this priceless information which I know will serve me for life.  I appreciate this book even more because ever since I read it, I've been sharing what I learned from it with friends and female members of my family who wanted to get their boyfriends back.  I feel like a female Dr. Phil dispensing expert advice to women.  This book is worth its weight in gold!" -- Kristin Bennett, Los Angeles, California

The game plan I reveal in How Can I Get Him Back is simple enough for anyone to implement on their own. However, when you take How Can I Get Him Back for a risk-free trial it is guaranteed.  

My Zero-Risk, Iron-Clad, 100% "This is Going to Work -- or You Get Your
Money Back" Guarantee

I am so confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the step-by-step game plan I reveal in How Can I Get Him Back that you'll only have one regret -- and that is this:  Not having had this valuable resource years ago! 

You'll realize that you could have used this plan in all your relationships with guys over the years -- all the way back to your high school days when you started having relationship challenges with boys!  How many guys did you let slip through your fingers -- and how many days have you spent crying because a guy left you and you didn't know how to get him back?

When you
get your hands on How Can I Get Him Back, you'll feel secure knowing that you finally have the secret to having a successful relationship with a man.  But don't take my word for it.  Try the step-by-step game plan and put it to the test.  All I ask is that you implement the plan -- and stick to it even if you don't see anything happening at first.  When you start seeing results, continue implementing it so that you can keep your man for good.  

If you follow the plan exactly and it doesn't do for you what I promised, simply send me an e-mail within 7 weeks of your purchase, and I'll refund your entire purchase price.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  The only requirement is that you give it a fair try. Don't just skim over How Can I Get Him Back without implementing these strategies. You owe it to yourself to see how amazing this plan is, when followed to the letter. 

You Could Lose So Much -- Especially Your Man

Since you are reading this, I know you're interested in getting your man back -- or maybe helping a friend bring her man back.  

I also know that in your life, you and your friends have probably known a lot of men who suddenly leave a relationship that seems to be going quite well.  And you've probably devised all kinds of ploys to get back your men -- and have had little or no success.

If you're one of the lucky women who's never had the experience of suddenly being dumped by a man with whom you were having what you thought was a good relationship -- I can tell you this ...

...sometime in your dating life, you will experience it.  

Chances are, you'll experience it more than once.  And so will your friends.

That's because it's a relationship pattern that spontaneously shows up simply because men are true to their male nature -- and this often comes into conflict with women who are just being true to their female nature.

Oftentimes, neither the man or the woman is singularly at fault!  It's just the eternal battle of the sexes at work!

It's the wise woman who learns how to harmonize (not compromise) with the nature of men -- and eventually triumphs and gets what she wants out of her relationship with a man.

Right now, you have a choice to make.  You could either download a copy of How Can I Get Him Back and implement the step-by-step game plan that will not only bring your man back but also keep him devoted to you for good -- or you could remain the same woman with the same relationship challenges you have today, never knowing how much better your life could be if you just learn how to get back your man. 

You have everything to gain when you take me up on my 100% risk-free offer today.  And you'll have so much to lose if you don't take advantage of this now -- you could lose your man, for starters!

If you're willing to take the chance of losing your man forever by trying ineffective strategies, you're on your own.  But if you want my help and my game plan for bringing him back, I invite you to own How Can I Get Him Back today.

Wishing you successful relationships,

Bob Grant, L.P.C.

P.S.  If you're like most women, I'm certain you've had your share of friends who've tried every trick in the book to get their man back.  I invite you to own this E-book now or give this E-book as a gift to a friend so that you can finally discover the art and science of having a lasting relationship with a man.  The information I reveal in How Can I Get Him Back could change your life and the lives of all your friends with whom you share my plan.

P.P.S.  In over 20 years of experience, I've found that when women are left to their own devices as far as trying to get their man back is concerned -- they almost always fail miserably.  Or they don't get the results they want.  Sometimes, even my own female clients, to whom I've shown the game plan, still insist on doing it their own way -- with disastrous results.  Consider the following:

Monica, a woman in her early 20's, came to see me because she couldn't figure out what went wrong with her relationship.  Her boyfriend, Phil, was wonderfully charming and intoxicatingly romantic.  He pursued her with flowers, chocolate and other gifts week after week.  He swept her off her feet, and she finally gave in to his advances and said yes to whatever he wanted. Within 2 weeks, he suddenly stopped calling. That's when she came to consult with me.

I revealed to her the game plan to get Phil back -- and she seemed eager to try it.  She got excited when he started responding and warming up to her again.  That's when she blew it!  She let her guard down, and fell back into her old patterns instead of maintaining the plan.  Within a month, Phil dumped her and began dating someone else. 

This is a classic example of initial success ultimately turning into failure.  Even if Monica did get Phil back, she didn't stick to the plan long enough to keep him for good.

Don't waste time doing it your way and getting nowhere.  You'll do it right the first time when you implement the game plan I reveal in How Can I Get Him Back.  

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