How To Overcome The Feelings Of Rejection After a Breakup

The feelings of rejection occur when a relationship comes to an end. When your loved one has stepped out of your life, you cannot help but feel sad, angry and rejected. A natural reaction in such a case is to fall prey to self-defeating thoughts due to being vulnerable. However, such behavior is a normal part of the healing process after a devastating breakup.
After the split,it is normal to go through a self-reflection period; however, such period shouldn’t affect your lifestyle. Don’t let your fear of being alone permeate every corner of your life. A part of the grieving process is to accept the fact that what you wanted to achieve with your man, will no longer take place. You will have to change your daily tempo, so no longer rhymes with your ex’s tunes.

The things to change may range from future planning, such as never going to trips together. To the mundane, such as never eating together, talking over a cup of coffee, or watching romantic movies again. For instance, a poll conducted by a lifestyle magazine showed that the hardest part of being left by a partner was watching the preferred TV series alone.

Rejection fuels the negative self-talk, and the destructive inner voices. When you listen to these negative thoughts, you are more likely to feel humiliated than sad over your loss. Your inner critic makes it difficult for you to lead a happy life on your own, often repeating that no one will ever love you. On the few occasions when your inner critic is not nagging at you, it is often raging at your ex, which enforces the idea of being the victim in the situation.

The feelings of rejection often go together with feelings of self-esteem, and self-love. A big step toward healing from pain of the breakup is to understand the fact that what you dwell upon inside your mind, will find its way to your outside world, and thus affecting the people around you. So, if you want your friends and family to enjoy your company, you need to substitute negative thoughts for positive ones.

The moment you start to accept the new situation and begin to love yourself once again, It is the moment when theses bad feelings of rejection will fade away. The more you feed your inner thoughts with positive talk, the more energy you will have to relate to others in positive ways.

Here are five successful ways to overcome the feelings of rejection:

1- Acknowledge the fact that it is normal to feel devastated after the breakup. This is a natural built-in reaction, that’s the rule and no one can beat the system. So, it is healthier for you to accept it as a fact, than to fight against one’s natural tendencies. Moreover, these feelings of rejection may have been there all the time before the breakup took place; however, they only intensified during the post-breakup period.

2- Don’t blame yourself for the outcome of the relationship. After all, for a relationship to succeed it needs the contribution of both partners. It is not your fault, it is simply you didn’t find the one who best fits your needs yet.

3 – Build your own happiness. Don’t depend on others to make you happy. It is your responsibility to take charge of your well-being. Don’t let the end of a relationship define your self-worth.

4- Develop a thinking habit of knowing yourself better. Get to know new people, involve yourself in new hobbies, welcome any opportunity that may enhance your self-development, do the things you weren’t able to do when you were with your ex..

5- Always remember that there are many potential partners out there for you. Your ex was only an example of the ideal one you dreamed of. There are many out there that meet your subconscious mind criteria. You only need to allow the fog, that the breakup has created in your life, to fade away; only then you can clearly see how many out there crave your closeness.

Being aware of the bad effects that the feelings of rejection may have on your daily life, will no doubt help you avoid the pitfalls you may encounter ahead in your life . Is the grieving of a loss affecting your relationship with your family and friends? Are you losing appetite, and spending sleepless nights? Your life doesn’t have to be that way!

Here is a great resource to help you break free from your damaged past. It will help you to trust and listen to your own instincts, and recognize that you can enjoy a better relationship. The techniques included in this goldmine resource, will help you to learn how to stop thinking about your ex, and beat the temptation to contact him.