I Think My Boyfriend Is Going To Break Up With Me! If He Does, What Do I Say To Him?

Is your relationship in serious trouble? Did your man lose interest in you? Have you noticed that he is no longer the man you once fell in love with? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. You are about to discover two time-tested methods to make a man crave to come back to you and never want to leave.

If you are seeking for an urgent help to make your ex want you back, here are the two powerful tips to trigger his emotions.

First Tip: Act as if you are unaffected by the breakup.

When your ex-boyfriend left you, he expected to see the drama all over the places. He expected to see you come begging him to stay, with tears running down your cheeks. He even expected you, to call and text him all day long, and ask him to come back to you. If you act in such away, as it was expected by your ex, it will confirm that his decision to break up with you was right. This is exactly what will run through his mind, when he sees you emotionally hurt by the split.

He is probably saying to himself, she must be desperate. I am no doubt the best man she has ever met. She wouldn’t be crying, if she has other choices or better guys than me.

Did you get the point I am trying to make? When you show a guy that you are deeply affected by the breakup, you will only justify his decision to leave. However, if you display an unaffected attitude toward his leaving, if you act as if it is the same for you, whether he leaves or stays, he will doubt his decision, and begin to question himself: “Is she seeing someone else? Why does she look indifferent to me leaving her? Sure she is lined up with someone else. I am not going to leave right now; I will stay and decipher what is going on.”

The more unaffected you appear to your ex, the more you will arouse his curiosity to know what makes you so indifferent. You see, when your man is pulling away, and you don’t want it, there is a clash of wills, stress, and tension. So by using the power of this method, you are using the weight of your ex’s desire to your advantage, and to his disadvantage. After a breakup, it is of no use to try to get to the good feelings of your lover, as long as the clash of wills is going on, as long as you want something different from what he wants.

Second Tip: Do not ask why.

The man does not like to give an explanation. He hates to explain the things that pushed him to leave. Maybe because he is not sure of himself, or that he doesn’t want to say things that he may regret later. In all cases and whatever the reason of his decision was, you need to hold yourself back from asking him why he took such a decision.

It really doesn’t help at all to know why he decided to leave at this stage of the relationship, what matters most is to let the dust settle down so you can see clearly what went wrong in the relationship. Even worse, when you insist to know why he wants to leave, you will come across as a desperate and needy woman.

There are many other powerful techniques you can choose from to get your man’s undivided attention. If you keep on implementing these techniques, you will soon see your ex-boyfriend displaying signs he wants you back in his life once again.