I know it hurts. Being dumped is an awful feeling that turns the pink dreams into horrible nightmares. When you see that your dreams of living happily with the man you once loved had been dashed against the walls of false beliefs, you can’t help but let your tears roll down your cheeks in the hope to heal the wounds of the lost love.

What really hurts about the breakup is that even though he has left you, he still occupies a big part of your life. Everything around you reminds you of the good times you once spent together. A song played on the radio, a funny advertisement shown on TV or perhaps a romantic movie you both watched together, all those sweet memories and many more , keep his picture popping into your mind every now and then.

Your head can’t stop asking how on earth could he forget all the wonderful things you did together? The jokes you exchanged and laughed at, the sweet talk you both enjoyed on the way back home, the many occasions on which you stood by his side in tough times, and the bright future for the small family you once planned to build together. Sadly, all those intimacy moments had vanished away, and all that is left is the pain of a broken heart.

So what to do to get him back?

First of all, the most important thing that you should pay attention to is how to behave right after the breakup. This period is crucial to boost your chances of getting him back. Sadly, many women ruin their chances of reuniting with the ones they love, simply because they act according to what their feelings tell them to do, rather than to what should be done.

There is a big difference between a reaction and a response. When you react to an event, you may do or say things that you are likely to regret later. However, when you respond in a calm and self-confident way, you are in fact taking control of the situation, and thus showing a great deal of self-confidence, a character that makes every man tick for you.

The next thing you should know is that beauty does come from within. You can be attractive and adorable without relying on external tools such as extensive use of makeup or plastic surgery. Certainly, you happen to meet girls who were beautiful for a while, but after getting to know them you changed your opinion about them, because they were radiating an energy that was not inviting.
By the same token, you happen to notice how a particular woman is so adorable and inviting, even though she doesn’t meet the standards of the traditional beauty. From the outside you see nothing that would make her so appealing; however she is a master at turning the men’s heads without much effort. What you cannot see just by looking at her are inviting qualities such as fullness of life, humor and self-confidence.

To be attractive the natural way, there are certain guidelines you should follow. They are simple yet have a powerful effect on men. Such guidelines include drawing a nice smile on your face. In a recent study conducted by a beauty magazine, men of various ages were asked to mention what they find attractive in women. Smiling comes at the top of the list.

The research has also confirmed an age-old belief that men find the woman with a long hair to be more attractive. So, if you have a long hair, wear it in a ponytail whenever you can. The secret behind the ponytail suggestion is that men find the curve of the woman’s neck very attractive. So why not take advantage of this nature gift? To increase your attractiveness, always try to stand tall and with a straight back.

How you look to others, and show up in the world is your own choice. You can either lift your self-confidence, or be your own worst critic. When you see yourself beautiful, others will do the same. Your inner fullness of life will shine through your outer appearance. It is you who decide how beautiful you are, not anyone else.

There are many other powerful techniques you can choose from to get your man’s undivided attention. If you keep on implementing these techniques, you will soon see your ex-boyfriend displaying signs he wants you back in his life once again.