Privacy Policy

Our site pays a high attention to your privacy, below you’ll find what information we collect from our visitors and how we use it.

Log Files

Like each website we use Log Files to collect and use data, that information include your IP address, your internet server provider (ISP), the version of the browser you surf with, the frequency of your visits and the pages you visit on our site.

Cookies and web Beacons

To collect information about the preferences of our visitors we use cookies, this is done in the purpose to give a high quality content to satisfy our customers.

Advertisers on our website and other third parties may use cookies to retrieve some information about our visitors such as your browser version or your IP address, and this is in order to better serve the appropriate ads to the visitor.

Control your privacy

Please note that you can change the settings of your browser at any time to disable cookies however this could cause you some difficulties to log in your usual sites so the best way is to select the sites which you don’t want them to track your information separately.