Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going To Break Up With You

Knowing the signs your boyfriend is going to break up with you at an early stage of the relationship, will help use the time to your advantage to save it. Every relationship may encounter from time to time some kind of difficulties. It is something natural, and there is nothing wrong about it. However, if you fail to point out the real reasons behind the trouble, you may risk losing your boyfriend.

Here are the most common warning signs that you and your boyfriend aren’t on the same wavelength:

Some issues remain unsolved:

Few misunderstandings ever get resolved. If you have noticed that you both argue over the same problems time and again, then that’s a strong signal that the relationship is heading in the wrong direction. Unresolved issues build resentment between the couple, and make it difficult for them to enjoy the time they share together.

Such situation will lead you to walk on eggshells around those problems. As the time goes by, you will find yourself avoiding those unsolved issues in the hope to escape the conflict in the relationship. Such behavior will induce a lack of safety between the both of you, and in turn will push your boyfriend to seek compensation for the missing intimacy in an outer relationship.

Lack of intimacy in the relationship:

One of the strongest signs your boyfriend is going to break up with you is the lack of intimacy in the relationship. If you find yourself unable to rely on your partner for emotional support, then know that the unresolved issues have built a barrier between you and him. The moment you find it difficult to trust your man with emotional vulnerability, it is the same moment that your relationship is waiting for the last straw that will break the camel’s back.

As a result of this intimacy lacking, you will find yourself drowning in loneliness. Your boyfriend will tend to spend less time with you in the hope to avoid the discussions that are full of contempt, criticism, and defensiveness.

Whenever the conflict between both of you is mingled with attacks against your boyfriend’s character, insulting or name calling him, and pointing out his personality flaws, then rest assured that intimacy had faded away, and there is no longer an emotional security within the relationship.

If you noticed that it has been days or even weeks since he showed he needed you, it is a signal that shared vulnerability and closeness are lost in the relationship. Because of the repeated conflicts in the relationship, the indifference and apathy had slipped in the relationship.

As a result, you will find yourself unable to share personal thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection or criticism. A common sign your boyfriend is going to break up with you is his lack of care and concern.

If you find that at least two of the warning signs mentioned above apply to your relationship, then you should take the necessary steps to save it. Your ex could be meeting someone new right now, are you really ready to risk another minute, another second not getting back together with them? Are you ready to take the chance that today they meet someone new instead of getting back with you?

Remember, the longer you wait before addressing the real issues in your relationship, the less likely he is to get back together with you. If he discovers there is life after you or finds another woman he’s happy with, it could be all over.

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