Tips To Help You Cope With The Breakup. No More Pain After Today.

After a breakup the world seems to be depopulated, even though you are surrounded by many people. When the most loved person in your life has stepped out of it, you felt as though your daily life has lost its meaning. More than once you might find yourself lost in deep thought thinking of a way to help you handle all the pain you are now drowning in.
At first, it is totally understandable to blame yourself for the outcome of the relationship, you may think that it is your own fault and that it would be better off if you acted differently than you actually did. Thinking in such a way will only make you feel worse, after all no one is born knowing how to deal with the ups and downs of a relationship to a tee.

The truth is that misunderstanding and conflict do happen in every relationship. You are not the first or the last person who went through a painful breakup, many women have got their share, and they have come out of this experience stronger than before.

They have followed a time tested techniques to cope with the breakup, and regain the joy in their lives, which you are going to discover in the few lines to come, so keep reading on.

The first of the steps you need to follow to heal your wounded heart is to avoid attending places where you may come in contact with your ex. Your broken heart needs a rest, that’s why you need to steer clear of everything that may push you to think of your ex-boyfriend, and one of those things that come on the top of the list is seeing him in person, which will set you back, and make it difficult for you to get over him.

Another good point you should pay attention to is to never compare yourself to his new girlfriend. Don’t get trapped in the illusion that his girlfriend is better than you. In fact his new choice has nothing to do with you; your ex may even get trapped in an unhappy relationship with a new woman.

The idea of not seeing your ex should not drown you in the loneliness. Pulling yourself out from a sociable life is the worst thing you may do. Instead of locking yourself in your room chewing the old memories, and crying your bad luck, you should surround yourself with positive friends. You need a shoulder to cry on, and your best friends are the people to turn to in such a situation.


One of the worst tactics that you should avoid using is to turn your life into a competition with your ex. Showing up with a new guy every week in front of him just to make him jealous, won’t do you any good. Sure thing, your ex knows a lot about you, and in particular the way you think, and he won’t find any difficulty to figure out that you are only playing a childish game. If you act in such a way, you will come across as a needy and desperate woman.

If your ex is fond of social media, then it pays a lot to stay away from it. Don’t check his Facebook status every now and then, and more importantly don’t post anything that may reveal your pain.


When your ex sees that you have difficulty coping up with the situation, his ego will grow stronger and won’t see the need to reconnect with you again. It is only when he sees that you are leading a joyful life, he will consider the idea of taking part of that wonderful atmosphere you created around you, but in order for you to make him interested in you all over again, you need to know the secret of melting a man’s heart and making him eat out of the palm of your hand.