I bought your book, “How Do I get Him Back .” Fortunately, I hadn’t done too much damage before I read the book. I followed your advice to the letter! In two weeks he called me again. I handled everything as you advised.

Within six weeks we were in a committed relationship! In three months he proposed. In seven months we were married and that was over a year ago. I know that things would be much different if I had not followed your advice. My natural inclination would have been to do things all wrong.

Thank you for this book. I have no doubt that my wonderful life and happy marriage would not exist today if I did not have the benefit of your wise counsel.

Laura M.


Get Him BackYour books, beginning with “How to get him back” has gotten me the title Mrs. I share your books with a lot of my friends- they love the easy download. I love my new name.

Thank you,
Mrs. Luberto



Dear Bob,

Five months ago I bought your book “How to Get Him Back”, and I must say at first I was skeptical (I’m sure you hear that often). The results are minimal and I felt discouraged, HOWEVER I was feeling happier and healthier by doing what you told me to do, regardless of if my ex was contacting me or not.

Get Him BackYOU WERE RIGHT, two months after implementing your plan HE CALLED. Well he texted first, then he called. It’s funny because the day he called I was actually at a man’s house that I had just started dating. So, it worked out perfectly because he could hear men talking in the background.

It was great. Finally, he got to the point where as soon as I hung up the phone he was trying to get everything he had to say OUT in one breath!! He invited me out a couple times and I declined the first two. The third time I accompanied him to a party and after that night it was all history.

He had a new girlfriend at the time, but he has since then broken up with her and he and I ARE BACK TOGETHER. I feel like I owe you SO MUCH. I’m about to cry just typing this email because I thought I had lost him forever. I was following your plan just going through the motions….passing the time I suppose while mending my broken heart. When he came back to me it felt so easy, all the hard work paid off.

Without your book, I would still be alone and my heart would still be hurting. Now I have another chance to love him 100 percent. That means never letting him take me for granted, and always being understanding, never giving too much, and LISTENING more than ISPEAK.

I have learned some VALUABLE life lessons by reading your book, not just in romantic relationships, but in my work relationships as well. I feel like so many psychological points you focused on will help me for many years to come and I will continue to read your book again and again EVEN though I might be in a healthy relationship.





Get Him Back


Dear Bob,
Thank you so much for your E-book, “How do I get him back.”

I read it as soon as I downloaded it and took lots of notes. It was a good thing that I did because as I was reading the last paragraph of your book, he called. I smiled the biggest smile, grabbed my notes real quick and said to myself, 10min…just 10min.

He actually kept it brief as well, and I initiated the hang up. I want you to know that 30min later he texted me (he was at a race track with his buddies). I already see the things that you said in your book working.

Before I read your book it was all about getting him back. But after reading your book, yes it was still about getting him back, but I also felt like it’s all about me now and I actually felt good about myself after reading your book.

Thank you so much,
Lisa Graves



Get Him BackDear Mr. Grant,

I am thankful and excited that your e-book on How to Get Him Back worked like a charm! I wanted to share my excitement with you and tell you thank you.
I met my boyfriend at our church singles group. We were crazy about each other, but he left after 3 mos. of dating.

I was devasted and went about getting him back in all the “wrong” ways you mentioned. I gave up, and not too long after began dating someone else as a rebound. He did try to contact me 4 mos later but I turned him down stating I was dating someone else.

Five mos. later I knew I was not over him and ended my rebound relationship. I had no option but to call him. At that point I put your tactics into play. It was very hard, but I did not call him after my initial call, returned to the Singles Group wearing dresses and dangly earrings.

One mos. later he has asked me to date him exclusively, stating he has no idea why he even left me in the first place and for some reason things were different “this time”, that maybe he has changed. I giggle to myself and silently say “Thanks, Bob!”.

Sincerely Grateful,


Get Him BackHow I loved reading your book on How To Get Him Back.
I didn’t realize that I was pushing my boyfriend away by doing what I thought was normal.

I am now sitting back and waiting to see if I hear from him.
I didn’t realize how hard I was making it for him either.
Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it so much.

You see, I thought we were getting back together and evidently he wanted only one thing from me. When I gave it to him he got bored and went looking elsewhere.
I didn’t even realize it. I was making myself less expensive and more cheap.
Your book really opened my eyes. Again thank you.
from Texas