You’ve had your heart broken in the past and promised yourself you would never, ever be in that position again. And since then, you have been very careful not to feel too much or give too much of yourself to any man. For you know, all too well, how much it hurts when the love is not returned.

But somehow this one slipped into your heart when your guard was down. And, once again, you find yourself madly in love.

But how could you have known it would happen again? He was so attentive, showered you with gifts and took you to all the best restaurants. You seemed perfect for one another. You liked the same movies, laughed at the same jokes and even shared similar hobbies. Perhaps that was when you should have listened to the warning sirens going off in your head that said, “if he seems too good to be true…..”

But you hoped and prayed this time things would be different and that he would be the one. Your “knight in shining armor,” the person you could spend the rest of your life with.

Looking back now, you wonder if there were any signs that you missed. A sign that he was unhappy or perhaps that he had met someone else. You have been wracking your brain, unable to sleep or eat, wondering what you did wrong, or didn’t do right. What you could have said or should have said to make him happy. But you will never know, because he won’t talk to you and he won’t return your e-mails.

So, what do you do? You do what you always do. You gather up your girlfriends and go over and over everything you can think of in order to get this man back. You devise all sorts of plans such as showing up at his work, at lunch time, in nothing but a trench coat. After all, you have lost fifteen pounds since he dumped you. Or, you still have the key to his house, so perhaps he’ll find you in his bed waiting for him when he gets home after work.

Then you ask yourself, “Do I really want him back? If he was such a great person, how could he have done what he did to me?” Perhaps even your friends are telling you that you really need to just let it go.

But if you were honest with yourself, wouldn’t you like just one more chance with him? If so, there is hope. You can rekindle your relationship using Bob Grant’s plan for saving relationships, even after a breakup.“How Do I Get Him Back” is a powerful plan for healing a relationship that has just ended, and it shows women exactly what to do that will cause their man to want to get back together. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, I can understand why you might be skeptical, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can see for yourself by clicking here.