Words have a magic power; they can soften the cruelest heart. You, the woman, have the power of making a man’s heart melt, just by using the power of words. If it happens to ask yourself: “what to say to get your boyfriend back”? Then know that once you get hold of the right words, nothing can stand in your way.

Picking the right words is of more value than having a long and boring conversation with your ex, which in most cases end up being a horrible fight. The common mistake that women do, when it comes to getting an ex back, is that they use the wrong words, which in turn make them regret it.

This article will give you the script of powerful words, which will make your boyfriend regret the breaking up. However, if you do not find your situation covered in this article, you can consult the resource I mention at the end.

How to apologise:

Apology is the first move you need to perform to gain your boyfriend confidence. If you continue to ignore your part of responsibility in the breakup, then you are more likely to come across as a selfish woman, who her only interest is to get people to meet her needs, without giving any attention to their feelings.

Here is what to say to apologise: “I am really sorry; I know I have done a mistake and hurt your feelings; I did not mean to ignore you or to tune you out, I have just lost control over my emotions; you are a great partner, and I will be very happy to have you on my side again”

How to ask him to get back to you:

Well,this is a crucial step, but if you have done the above apology correct, then your chances will surely increase to influence him. First, you need to create the ideal circumstances; the best way would be to invite him to dine with you in a restaurant that you know he will like it.

During the meeting tell him that you miss the old days, when you both used to hang out together, focus only on the funny things you have done with each other, sure you’ll find many of them just brainstorm the past events, you should be able to come up with a complete list of wonderful moments.

To effectively persuade your ex during the course of the dinner, avoid at all cost mentioning any bad or hurtful memory you both once went through.

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